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In 1975, following a suggestion by Mr Stan Winters (the founder of St Albans & District Bowling Association), Mrs Amy Holliday (Harperbury BC), Mrs Joan Potter (Campfield Press BC) and Mrs Evelyn Wylie (Batchwood BC) discussed with other bowlers the idea that a St Albans & District Ladies Association could be formed. An inaugural meeting was arranged at Campfield Press Club to further the idea. 30 ladies from various clubs attended with Officers from St Albans & District B.A. in an advisory capacity. It proved a very lively meeting! Questions asked about its usefulness, aim, format & costs. Mrs Holliday explained that it would offer members a wider circle of friendship, improve playing ability and, above all, provide a step between Club and County performance. It would include matches between Clubs and other Associations outside an area of 12 miles, Gala days could be arranged to raise funds for running the Association and to help various charities, with competitions to improve play. After discussion Mrs Holliday proposed and Mrs Wyllie seconded that the “St Albans & District Ladies Bowling Association be formed” and it was passed unanimously! Mrs Holliday became the first President and Mrs Wyllie became the first Secretary. Other Officers were chosen and seven clubs joined - Batchwood, Campfield Press, Harperbury, Hatfield, St Albans, Townsend & Welwyn GC. Donations were given and trophies for competition promised. The Chain of Office was given by Mrs M Vise. A uniform was agreed, a blue blazer with a badge chosen from designs provided by Mrs M. Stockman with hat bands in blue & yellow and tops and skirts in cream or white. After a few years the radius was extended to 15 miles and the membership grew to 18 clubs. Matches & competitions increased and standards of play improved.
The highlights of the years have been the Presidents Tours visiting many clubs in England, Wales & Jersey together with several ever popular ones to Spain, playing ex-patriots on very fast greens! The first of these in 1986 tourists enjoyed 2 weeks at the David Bryant Centre, entering competitions and playing matches in a wonderful setting at the foot of the mountains - unfortunately washed away by the following winter storms!
The Annual Luncheon and Prizegiving, always well supported, is a fitting occasion to celebrate, not only the prize winners, but also all the activities and aims of our Association.
Mabel Stockman 8th June 2010

Mabel was the District Secretary 1976-2005 (28th August 1917-15th August 2011)

Webmaster Pat Stamp
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